American abstractionist Kimber Berry has captured the attention of the global art community over the past decade with her explosively colorful, visually dense, multi-dimensional canvases and installations. Often done on industrial materials, she masterfully and gleefully integrates elements of the digital and pure paint. She creates a symphonic dance between the virtual world and the organic universe and challenges the viewer to discern between them.

Berry's universe is an ultra-world that exists within and without the time/space continuum. In one moment the viewer is taken beneath the ocean's surface into a kaleidoscopic world of color and form suggesting coral reefs. In the next instant we are taken outside of the earth's atmosphere and even into other dimensions - and back - at the speed of our perception. Kimber Berry's world is consummately informed by her childhood.

Originally from Los Angeles, Berry grew up surrounded by over-the-top advertising and the glitz of Hollywood. This background was the genesis that fueled her desire to explore the psychological experience of living in an over-stimulated society, constantly bombarded by media noise. Her installations and paintings interlace, overlap and converge upon themselves in much the same manner of existing in multiple environments at once. The fluidity of paint and the brush stroke act as narrative tools to recreate the psychological compression of stimuli found in our society.

Berry creates simulated environments in which the observer can psychologically step within, creating an experience that engages the viewer on a deeper level. Moving beyond the rigid boundaries of painting distinctly within the edge of a canvas, Berry provides a fluid existence that allows her art to melt into, embed, connect, and disconnect, through the aspiration to fully engage a wall- essentially, becoming part of the space. Her paintings and installations exist in the psychological space between object and life, reality and illusion.